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Relax amid natural surroundings. The broad protected bay is ideal for swimming, boating, scuba diving. Picnic under coconut palms, sunbathe on our beutiful beaches, visit the Boquerón Lagoon, a refuge for ducks and birds or the Cabo Rojo wildlife refuge, near the picturesque fishing and resort community of El Combate Beach. A must to see, The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse ("El Faro") built a century ago by the Spanish colonial government majestically crowns this town.


Relax in our pool, enjoy raw oysters with lemon juice sold by street vendors, sail near the Boquerón bay, these are only some of the many exciting fun filled activities you can enjoy while vacationing at Cofresí Beach Hotel, with spacious-fully equipped-beautifully decorated 1-2-3 bedroom apartments at excellent prices is the ultimate vacation experience.

A beautiful view

Enjoy walking the small Boqueron village.

Boqueron Beach

Boqueron is family oriented beach with picnic tables, convenient parking, gazebos, handicap facilities including access to water, accommodations, cafeteria, playground, restrooms and lots of palm trees perfect for a shaded nap on the beach.

El Faro

Built a century ago by the Spanish colonial government majestically crowns our town.

El Poblado

Enjoy our day and night life

La Playuela

One of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, just steps away from our majestic lighthouse.

Boqueron Sunset

Sunset Bay views...

Wall Diving

Our coasts host amazing diving sites

Local Oysters

Enjoy our local sea food


Just relax...

Coast Line

Amazing natural formations

Traditional Fishing Boat

Want a ride?

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