Where is the hotel located?
Cofresí Beach Club is located on the Puerto Rico's Caribbean South Western Coast in the small town of Boquerón, just 1 hr. from Ponce and 2 1/2 hrs. from San Juan. For details, see our Map & Directions Page.

How far away is San Juan?
San Juan is 115 miles away, or about two hours and a half by car. For details, see our Map & Directions Page.

Do I have to fly into San Juan or are there flights into Boquerón?
You may fly into Ponce (about 60 minutes away), Aguadilla (about 45 minutes away), Mayaguez (30 minutes) or San Juan Airport (2 1/2 hours).

Do you change the linens and the towels?
If you want, we can change daily. Room service for linens & towels is available daily from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

What mobile networks operate in Puerto Rico?

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Open Mobile, Liberty and Claro

Is the area and hotel safe?
Because is located on a small town, Cofresí Beach Club is very safe.

Is the hotel located near the beach?
We are five minutes walking distance from the beach.

Are there hair dryers & irons in rooms?

Do I need an electrical adaptor?
Puerto Rico runs on the same electrical standard as the United States. Guests visiting from Europe will need adaptors. Our electrical access is 110 volts. 

Is it safe to drink water?
Yes, but some guests think that it tastes "funny." We recommend bottled water. 

Is there stores near the property?
Yes we have many smalls stores in the area, offers clothing, jewelry and souvenirs, as well as suntan lotion and a full range of sundry items.

Do the rooms have kitchen?
Yes, with a microwave oven.

Is the money the same or do I need to exchange?
Our currency is in US dollars.

Does the staff speak English?

What activities are close to the hotel?
You can enjoy many activities in the area, appealing to a broad range of interests. You may enjoy an excursion to the Bioluminescent Bay, Bird watching at the Boquerón Forest, scuba diving, visit La Mona, Kayaks and motors scooters trips, etc.

Is there a golf course on property or nearby?
The closest golf course is in Cabo Rojo, 15 minutes away. Check with the Frontdesk to make arrangements.

Where is the closest church?
There is a Catholic and Evangelic church in village.

Do I need a passport? Does my child need a passport?
For Americans, no passport is needed. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US and the requirements of tourism are the same of immigration of a non-resident traveling to the US. Guests from outside the US will need passports.

Are there dress requirements for the restaurants in the area at night?
No, very casual and relax, but no tank tops or bathing suites

Can I upgrade my room once I arrive?
Yes, subject to availability and difference in rates.

What's the temperature?
Fluctuates from the low 70's to high 90's. In the center of the island it may go as low as 50 degrees.